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Valiug ski slope (The Dam House) is found near the accumulation dam from Gozna (also called Văliug), at the foothills of the Semenic Mountains.

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It is part of touristic complex of the Văliug- Crivaia Resort. This is the second touristic resort from The Semenic Mountains as regard to its importance and its size.

Ski slopes in Romania

It is a slope of only just 800 m but well maintained and with easy access. Lends itself easily for the beginners or for an outing in the nature for couple of hours or for a day.

The atmosphere is very pleasant, they have a DJ which entertain in the weekend.

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Access: from Reșita (28km) you must go on the county road DJ752 towards the Cuptoare Village and then to Văliug.

Ski slopes in Romania

Valiug ski slope is part of  the Semenic ski resort. The slopes under the Semenic peak are tied to the slope from the Vălig through a forest road which is not a slope in the real sense of the word.

Rarely there is so much snow that you can descend to Văliug. Also consider the poorly way in which you can not return at Semenic, not being a chairlift or a gondola from Valiug to Semenic.

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Parking: at the base of the slope, near pier there is a free parking lot where you can leave your car.

Parking place at Valiug ski slope

Description of the Valiug ski slope: the base of the slope is found at the altitude of 740 m. The level of difference of the slope is about 110m.

It is a slope of 800m length, equipped with lift, nocturnal but also snow cannons. Because of the location so close to Resita, a few skiers from the town come here daily.

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Ski facility costs:

  • Friday-Sunday > skipass 1 day=70 lei, skipass 4 hours (between 1 p.m.-5 p.m.)=50 lei;   5 ascents=25 lei; 10 ascents=50 lei, skipass children/day=40lei
  • Monday-Thursday > skipass 1 day=40 lei; skipass 4 hours (between 1 p.m.-5 p.m.)=30 lei; 5 ascents=20 lei; 10 ascents=40 lei;

Valiug ski slope

Ski slopes in Caras - Severin county

Payable warranty 10 lei/card, money which are returned when you give back the card. For the children under 7 years old is free, they must be accompanied by parents.

The skipass are valid both on the Văliug Slope and the on the slope under the Semenic peak. To bad that is hard to ski on both slopes in the same day, this facility is impractical and almost meaningless.

Ski slopes near Resita

What we liked about the Valiug ski slope:

  • the slope is well maintained;
  • the lake sight is very beautiful,
  • the pier and the terrace near the slope where you can rest;
  • easy access by the car;
  • even the altitude is little and snow is not very big, the administrators use the snow cannons, the conditions are good.

Valiug ski slope in Semenic mountains

What we didn’t like about the Valiug ski slope:

  • the slope is quite small;
  • prices are big considering the length of the slope;
  • the landing from the chairlift is little uncomfortable.

Semenic mountains

Other near locations where you can ski: the ski resort from the Little Mountain (Muntele Mic), the slope from Gărâna and the Semenic ski area.

Văliug- Crivaia Resort in Semenic mountains

About surroundings: the accumulation lake Gozna-Crivaia covers an area about 60 ha having a length of about 3 km. The dam is built on the Barzava valley. It was built between 1948-1952 and has a height about 48 m.

The dock located on the lakeside, near the slope, attracts many tourists during summer. The area is very well suited for the bicycle tours or boating or kayaking.

Gozna (also called Văliug) - Semenic mountains

From the Semenic trout in 2 hours of hiking you can get at the Comarnic cave.

Valiug mountains - Semenic mountains - Romania

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