Horoabei canyon is an adventure trail, a canyon, which is found in Bucegi mountains near the tourist area Padina. It is not a very difficult route from technical point of view, but spectacular and wild.

trekking-and-hiking-with-mountain-guide-in-romania         Not being a tourist marked route it is better not to venture out unless you have previously documented or if you are accompanied by a mountain guide or mountain rescuer. When entering the canyon it is specified that you must be accompanied by a mountain rescuer if you want to traverse it.



The Bucegi Natural Park is located in the Eastern side of the Meridional Carpathians. Includes the entire Bucegi massif organized as an open amphitheater opening towards south.

It is bordered by steep rock frequently exceeding 1000 m. The Bucegi Natural Park covers an area of 32 496 ha, across three counties: Dâmboviţa, Prahova and Braşov. More than 60% of the territory is covered by forests.


The starting point towards the Horoabei valley is the Padina meadow.

Padina access from Sinaia: distance of 53km. You must ascend from Sinaia on DN 71 road, that connects Sinaia and Târgoviște. Shortly before reaching the Chalet Altitude 1000 you will have to leave the main road and continue on DJ 714.

Follow the signs to the Ialomița Cave. It is relatively a new paved road. The road is also called the Transbucegi, and it reaches the maximum altitude of 1925m. If you get off by car to Padina, you will not reach its maximum quota (Burned Rock Cottage -Cabana Piatra Arsă). You have to descend to the accumulation lake Bolboci.


Car Parking: can leave your car in the Padina meadow, near the campsite.

You can also get to Padina by cable car from Bușteni. Take the cable car Bușteni – Babele and at the Babele station take the cable car that is reaching down to the Cave (Peștera) station.
The work program of the cable car is:

  • on summer> daily from 8:30 to 6:00 p.m.
  • on winter> daily from 8:30 to 4:00 p.m.
  • the Technical Review> Tuesday from 8:00 to 12:00.


The Padina meadow is a beautiful sunny basin, on the Ialomiţa valley. Here a gentle slope forms the connection plane between the water steams and the limestone slopes. The meadow is a real joint of the trails from Bucegi.


Duration and trip length: 5 hours and 6,7 km;

Level difference: +450m



The needed equipment: hiking boots, waterproof pants and jacket, survival blanket. In rainy periods it is almost impossible not to get wet feet, so mind the shoes that you go through the canyon with.

We recommend using: helmets and also equipping the team with a Spray against the Bears. The area being wild is quite frequented by bears.



Accommodation possibilities in this area: with the tent in the Padina meadow or at one of the hostels in the meadow. If you decide for tent it is very important not to leave food in the tent overnight. Bears prowl every night.

Trail description: Padina – Horoabei valley – red tape marking (near to Strunga saddle) on the Colți mountain – descent into the Colți valley and then în he Padina.

We start from the central area of the Padina meadow, near the Padina cottage, on the unpaved road.


We cross the bridge which is next to the camping area and immediately on the left we will have a piece of wood with the name Natural Reservation Horoabei Valley. Here we deviate from the road and take to the left, on the trail.

In the forest the trail is not very visible, but the direction you should go in is parallel with the valley. You will pass under the rock walls from Seciului Tower and then the path leads into the woods along the valley.



We climb for about 20 minutes through the woods. The valley walls get closer and we see the first waterfall. This area is bypassed by a path that climbs steeply on the left of the valley (in the direction of the ascent).



We arrive at the first metal chains mounted for a safer trip. Climbing is not hard, but you need to be willing to put in effort.


We arrive at one of two caves on the trail. It is rather a pass, like a short tunnel. From the cave we descend on chains until we get at the water level again.


Then we climb to the second cave (a tunnel) a rugged steep and equipped with chains.

At the exit of the tunnel you have to cross the water. Depending on water flow you will wet or not your feet. We continue the ascent towards the Spring from Horoaba. It is impressive how this karst spring drains such a large quantity of water. As soon as we overcome this passage a good distance you will see that there is no water in the valley.


The ascent continues and we come to the most impressive area of the entire canyon. The walls are close, about 1,5m – 2,0m, their heights ranging from 10m to 30m.



We have to climb a few jumpers, but the majority of them have mounted chains so for a sports person it should not pose problems to overcome them.

At two larger two jumping parts, 4-7m, metal ladders are mounted.



We get out of the tall walls area of canyon and still continue along the water. The landscape changes a bit, it begins to show a lot of vegetation. But do not let yourselves fooled, crossing the Horoabei valley is not ready yet. You still have to go through a few jumping areas and also traversing through the water and lush vegetation.



Pay attention, you can not refuel with water until almost the end of the route. On the right side (in the forward direction) you will see a wall covered with moss, out of which in several places, comes water.


After the spring we have to climb a waterfall, where, either you climb on the right side either you get off the shoes and go through the water. After this passage we arrive in a beautiful meadow where we can rest.


The trail continues through juniper trees and reaches a valleys fork. Attention! The continuation is not very clear.


You’ll have to take the valley from the left. You don’t follow the valley for long, but you climb the slope (forward geographically) to get to the Colți mountain ridge. From the exit of the Valley Horoaba try to hold left until the intersection of tourist red tape marking.


As you are climbing the peaks of the Bucegi mountains will be seen better. The weather station from Coștila, the Sinaia ski area, Doamnele și Babele Valley, can be seen.

After the intersection touristic marking, the route becomes easier. We descend into the Colţi valley and then towards the Padina meadow following the trail. The difference of level needing to be lowered is about 450m, the slope being quite steep in some places.

We pass by two folds, so if you want to buy fresh cheese or milk you can do directly from the sheepfold.


If you want to stay several days in the area you can decide for: visiting the Ialomița show cave, climbing Omu peak (the highest peak in Bucegi mountains) walking to the Babele erosion, crossing the Jepilor valley, or climbing on the Brâna Aeriana or the Brâna Mare of the Coștila.


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