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Omu Peak  in Bucegi Mountains is the highest point in Romania that one can reach by mountain bike. The Omu Peak (2505m) is the highest peak in the Bucegi Mountains and the 11th in Romania.

babele omu bucegi mountains mtb romania

We suggest a mountain biking trail that crosses the whole „horseshoe” that is the Bucegi Plateau: Sinaia – Dichiu Chalet – Babele Chalet – Omu Chalet – Batrana Mountain Refuge-Strunga Mountain Refuge – Padina Chalet – Bolboci Lake – Sinaia

Distance: 74 km of which 60% asphalt, the rest gravel and tourist trails.

Elevation difference: 2700 m

omu peak bucegi mountains mtb romania

The trail can be done by bike 90-95% depending on everyone’s level, with some push-bike area between Babele – Omu – Strunga. Because of the high elevation difference you will need endurance and a good physical shape.

The trail starts in Sinaia from a 770 m attitude and finishes the same day at 2505 m.

The most accessible road in the plateau starts in Sinaia and follows the so-called Transbucegi or the Babelor Road (24 km).

bucegi plateau batrana peak mountains mtb romania

Journey time: we suggest you to make the whole trail in two days. Thus, you can fully enjoy the spectacular landscapes and the vast perspectives without rushing through.

Accomodation: The Omu Chalet, the Padina Chalet or the Mountain Refuges of Batrana or Strunga. The Omu Chalet (2505 m) is the highest chalet in Romania. Nearby there is the Weather Station Omu Peak.

omu strunga bucegi mountains mtb romania

An option for cutting the trail is climbing on the Bucegi Plateau by gondola. There are 2 options:

-the two gondolas from Sinaia: the first up to 1400m and the second one up to 2000m.

-the gondola from Busteni that goes up near the Babele Chalet (2170m).

You have to pay a different ticket for the bike.

omu batrana strunga padina bucegi mountains mtb romania

Being a trail that goes up to a 2000 m altitude you need professional equipment:

  • a good mountain bike;
  • water and energisers;
  • first aid blanket, water and wind resistant jacket and trousers. You should expect cold weather even in summertime. At 2500m, the weather can change rapidly. The temperatures could drop up to frosting, the fog may install, the wind can be a serious obstacle and a lighting storm could stop you. Therefore, consult the weather report before leaving.
transbucegi bucegi mountains mtb romania

Starting from Sinaia, after 7km you enter the Transbucegi. This road detaches from the DN 71 Sinaia-Târgoviște just before arriving at the Cota 1000 Chalet. At this crossroad turn right on the DJ713. The road exits in the alpine gap in the Dichiu Saddle and Chalet (1596m).

You will find here a crossroad:

– on the left side the asphalt goes down towards the Bolboci Lake and the Padina Chalet (it is also the return road).

– on the right side the road that intersects you detaches and goes towards the Omu Peak. From here you pedal for 8 km (of the 24km) on asphalt until the Piatra Arsa Chalet (piatra arsa means burnt stone) (1925m).

transbucegi asphalted road bucegi mountains mtb romania

We recommend you to do this trail from Sinaia to Piatra Arsa as early in the morning as you can. It is how you will avoid the many cars that go up to the plateau, especially during week-ends.

From the end of the road until the Babele Chalet (2200m) there are 3,5km of unsphalted road. You can find water and tea at the chalet. As for food, there is a very poor offer. You can make a short rest stop at the best known rock formations on the Bucegi Plateau: the Babele and the Sphinx. These megaliths are modeled mainly by wind erosion. The Sphinx, named after its shape that resembles a man’s head, is 8 meters high and 12 meters wide.

sfinxul bucegi mountains mtb romania

The unasphalted road continues about 2 km and at the mid-distance, it goes by the Salvamont Centre Busteni. You leave this road that goes to the Costila Relay and continue on the large path, marked with yellow line, road that goes on a level curve.

babele omu bucegi mountains mtb romania

In a short time you will arrive at the Cerdac, the place where the path splits in two. On the left the winter trail goes up and the summer trail continues straight ahead. The summer path is exposed and narrow, under the path there is the Valea Cerbului Steep.

cerdac pass omu peak cycling bucegi mountains mtb romania

The best way to cross this area is by foot. The winter trail is safer but the ups and downs of this trail are very steep. It can be done only by foot. If there are still snow covered areas, we suggest you to follow the winter road. You can find snow even in mid-June.

cerbului valley bucegi mountains romania

After this part of about 1 km, the path enlarges again, but it becomes stony. You should make an effort of about another 1 km up to the Omu Chalet.

You can sleep, eat and refill your water supplies here. The prices are higher here as everything is carried by the chalet keepers on their backs.

omu chalet mtb bucegi romania

From the Omu Chalet you follow the red line marking, on the old road of the frontier guards, the former frontier path between the Transylvania and the Vechiul Regat. The next 10 km, up to the Strunga Saddle, the trail is wilder. The area is less touristic.

omu strunga push bike bucegi mountains mtb romania
omu area bucegi mountains mtb romania

Little by little, as you descend, the path is covered by grass. The Piatra Craiului Mountains are closer, as well as the Bran County.

omu strunga cycling bucegi mountains mtb romania
bucegi plateau mountains mtb romania

At some point the path will disappear but the marking poles will guide you through.

batrana strunga pass bucegi mountains mtb romania

By mid-length there is the Batrana Mountain Refuge. It offers 20 berths. If you wish to stay here overnight or at the Strunga Mountain Refuge you will need an insulated foam mattress and a warm sleeping bag.

batrana peak omu bucegi mountains mtb romania
batrana bivuac bucegi mountains mtb romania

Before the mountain refuge you will come across a natural barrier formed by juniper trees that you will have to cross by foot. You will have to carry your bike for about 500 m in order to pass them.

omu batrana bucegi mountains mtb romania

Soon you will see on your left the limestone walls from the end of the Horoabei Gorges. The grassy road will lead you under the Coltii Tapului Peak, on a level curve.

batrana peak strunga pass bucegi mountains mtb romania
cycling bucegi mountains mtb romania

This eastern and gentle slope hides the impressive wall that lies beyond the peaks, on the west slope. Once you arrive in the Strunga Saddle, you will be stunned by these slopes, if you step away from the road, a little bit towards the north-west. Another reason to make this small detour, of about 150m, under the western slope of the Bucegi is a small spring where you can refill your water supplies.

strunga pass rocks bucegi mountains mtb romania

Here you can descend towards Simon, through the Gutanu Glade. It is one of the most technical and most beautiful descends of MTB in the Bucegi Mountains. You can also make a longer halt in the Strunga Saddle at the Strunga Mountain Refuge (1893m), renovated in 2017. The mountain refuge offers 7 berths and electric energy from a solar panel on the roof.

strunga chalet bucegi mountains mtb romania

You leave the top that continues up to the Leaota Mountains and you descend on red cross marking towards the Padina Chalet. The path passes by a sheep farm and soon becomes a road that will lead you to the Padina Chalet.

strunga padina bicicleta bucegi mountains mtb romania
strunga pass bucegi mountains mtb romania

From the Padina Chalet you follow the unasphalted road for another kilometre until the crossroad with the asphalted road that goes upstream to the Ialomitei Cave. Downstream, the asphalt road makes a detour on the left side of the Bolboci Lake, but it goes up another 150m elevation level. On the right bank of the lake, the road is unasphalted and less circulated. It passes through the Tatarului Gorges, an area with protected species of flowers, animals and of geological interest, situated upstream the Bolboci Lake.

bolboci lake bucegi mountains mtb romania

From the Bolboci Chalet you climb 200 m elevation level for about 6 km and you arrive again in the Dichiu Saddle, the place where you meet the Babelor Road. From now on all you have to do is descending to Sinaia.

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