If you find yourselves among the people who already visited the most travelled places in the Apuseni Mountains, we suggest that you cover one of the few adventure routes in these mountains – Bohodei Waterfall Circuit.

Important! We recommend that only experienced tourists undertake it, preferably those who are at least beginners in mountaineering. Do not underestimate the difficulty of the route and do not leave without a team leader that has experience in mountaineering.

Duration of the track: 6-8h

We recommend:

1. Informing the “Salvaspeo BH” Rescue Team of your trip; in case of any accidents, they will come to your rescue shortly.

2. Do not start the journey if it rains (the rock will be wet, thus increasing the possibility of an accident)

3. Do not start the journey during winter, unless you are all experienced mountaineers (climbers).

Visiting Romania - Apuseni mountains

Location: the Bohodei Waterfall Circuit is found in the Bihorului Mountains, on the territory of the Apuseni Natural Park, between the Stana de Vale Resort and Padis touristic area.

Access: you can get to this tourist objective from two different places. Both access ways will take quite a long time (a 3-hour march), so we suggest taking the route in the summertime, when the day is longer.

1. from Beius city towards Pietroasa > follow the European road E79 until you reach Sudrigiu locality where you turn left > continue towards Pietroasa village > at the junction towards Aleului Valley (GPS: 46°35’23.82″N, 22°34’53.46″E) turn left until Bohodeiului Valley – 11 km. From there until the Bohodei Falls there is a 35-minute walking distance. Because we took the second option of the route, we will describe the following minutely.

2. from Beius City towards Stana de Vale > follow the road leading to Stana de vale Resort (about 28 km). At the resort’s entrance (you will pass a wooden gate) you must park near Gaudeamus Hotel. (you can get to the entrance to the route from a different area of Stana de Vale, but the aforementioned route has the slightest level difference)

View across Beiusului contry

As you are standing in front of the Gaudeamus Hotel, walk on the gravel path across the lodge. You can guide yourselves with these GPS coordinates: GPS: 46°41’23.64″N; 22°35’43.33″E.approaching Bohodei waterfall

Continue another 7 km until the first vast meadow you encounter. Here you must turn left. Guide yourselves with the following coordinates: 46°40’5.21″N, 22°37’32.78″E. In this area near a hunting lodge you ought to be extra attentive, because the tourist marker is partially lost in the woods.

mountain cabin - approaching yellow triangle mark

You will have to identify one of the markers (they are usually found on trees): yellow cross or yellow triangle and continue the journey on the marked path for another 30 minutes.

Hiking in Apuseni mountains - going to Bohodei waterfall

You will reach a second meadow, where you can identify the GPS coordinates: 46°39’42.25″N, 22°38’14.60″E. Here the yellow marker intersects with the blue triangle marker.

Glade near hill of the cross - Apuseni mountains

You find yourselves in an area called Cross Hill or Serpent Ridge. A sublime vista will enchant your sight. Before you there is: Bohodei Peak, one of the tallest peaks in the area – 1654 m (climbing area on granite rocks).

Snakes valley in Apuseni mountains

The valley lying at your feet is called Serpent Valley. From here you can see the route through the ridge undertaken in the same day (pertaining to the Bohodei Waterfall Circuit).

Beware of adders in rocky areas – as long as you watch your feet and you do not step on them or get too close to them you do not have to be afraid, they do not attack you out of the blue.

Bihorului mountains sub-unit of Apuseni mountains

Continue the journey on the blue triangle marker – there is a pretty abrupt descent with an elevation difference of about 400 m. When you intersect the valley coming from Bohodei Waterfall, you will have to turn upstream on the same marker.

Descending to Bohodei waterfall

Another 20 minutes of walking and you arrive at Bohodei Waterfall. It is one of the biggest waterfalls in Bihorului Mountains, with a length of 80 m. Unfortunately, the waterfall is layer-shaped, and you cannot admire its entirety if you watch it from lower ground.

Blue triangle track - Bohodei waterfall track

Bohodei waterfall - Bihorului mountains

Before continuing up the ridge that is parallel to the waterfall, you should take into consideration the following:

– The next section which must be climbed requires minimal mountaineering abilities, with a difficulty level of 2A.

– There are helping chains mounted in the exposed areas of the ridge.

– 98% of the mountaineers do not use a chord for safety. If there are beginners in your team, you can take an extra chord for safety.

– Do not take a large rucksack; it can slow you down.

– Do travel in a group of minimum three persons.

trails from Bohodei waterfall

Take  water with you when you continue your journey from Bohodei Waterfall, because there is no other water source only near Poieni Peak (when the journey is almost complete). Hydrate yourselves throughout the ascension.

starting point of Bohodei trail near the waterfall

Important! Do not attempt to cover the ridge backwards: Bohodei Col – descending the Bohodei Ridge towards Bohodei Waterfall, because these are all abrupt areas that you ought to descend. The risk of accidents is doubled.

Blue triangle mark- Bohodei waterfall track

Covering the ground of Bohodei Ridge

Minimal mandatory equipment: mountaineering helmet, soft sole trainers (which replace the climbing boots for the nonce). We recommend that the trainers have a better adherence on rocks (like the Vibram sole). Take a rain and wind jacket, and if it is autumn/spring take some gloves and a hat.

Climbing on Bohodei waterfall route - Apuseni mountains

The surmountable area of the route is found at the send-off, near Bohodei Waterfall. We climb alongside some old firs until we reach the iron chains. From here we can observe the waterfall better. We gain altitude through a couple of waterfalls of about 3-5 m that are equipped with chains.

Climbing path at Bohodei waterfall - Blue triangle track

Climbing is not difficult, but it requires attention. The rocky areas alternate the ones with lush greenery. A vista expands towards Aleului Valley descending till the Crisul Pietros, near Boga – Pietroasa. On the left, towards our walking direction there is the Serpents Ridge that we visited in our first part of the trip.

going up at Bohodei waterfall circuit

After trekking a forested area, our climbing skills are tested by a granite wall. Shortly thereafter, we get to a forest and then to the main ridge where the route intersects with another leading from Stana de Vale towards Padis.

trail near Poieni peak - Stana de Vale area

We get back on the ridge’s forestry road leading towards Stana de Vale, passing under Poieni Peak – 1625 m. if you desire and still have some energy left, you can climb this peak as well. The foray takes approximately 40 minutes.

Poieni peak - Apuseni Natural Park

If you left your car at Gaudeamus Hotel, you have to get back on the exact forestry road. You can guide yourselves after the GPS coordinates: 46°40’3.69″N, 22°38’7.19″E. Do not stray from this road and in approximately one hour and a half you will get back to your car.

Trekking in Apuseni mountains - Bohodei waterfall track

If you wish to accommodate in the area, you can descend to the centre of Stana de Vale Resort where you can easily find accommodation at a hotel or cabins. Unfortunately, the area’s tourism is not well-developed. We recommend that you have regard about accommodation when you are still at home in the event of you wanting to stay here.

Camping in this area is not well-defined; there is no specially arranged campsite – as long as you do not start a campfire in the forest, there are no problems with you camping.

Track in Apuseni mountains - Bohodei waterfall track

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