Transalpina – The newly inaugurated ski resort in Romania, the greatest and the most modern, was opened in 2012. In the presentation leaflets you will encounter it as Vidra Resort, Transalpina Ski Resort or Voineasa Resort; however, the last two do not realistically describe the sightseeing objective. Both Voineasa Resort and the high-altitude highway – Transalpina – are significantly farther away from the ski trails..

Location and general information: the trails are 9 km long at the moment, but they are in continuous expansion. The altitude of the lower part is over 1350 m, and the upper one reaches up 1800 m. The snow last here about 4-5 months a year. 

GPS Coordinates: 45.417747 N, 23.706327 E

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This sightseeing objective is found in Latoritei Mountains, subunit of the Parang Mountains, across the Vidra Reservoir.
from Petroșani – for those of you coming from the northern, north-western part of the country, we recommend this route of access, because it is by far the well-kept route during the winter.
Petrosani (DN7A ~ 30km) > Jiet locality > National Road towards Jiet Gorge > pass by Groapa Seaca Cabin > pass by Obarsia Lotrului Cabin > after ~5 km you will reach your destination.
from Ramnicu-Valcea: Ramnicu – Valcea (DN7A ~70km) > Calimanesti > Brezoi > Voineasa > after almost 30 km you will reach the ski area near Vidra Lake. 
The DN7A National Road offers good traffic conditions; it is mostly paved and kept during the winter by the front-end loaders.
from Sebes Alba: Sebes Alba (DJ67C~35km) > Petresti > Capalna > Susgag> Tau Bistra.
We do not recommend taking this road because it is not well-kept after snowfall. In order to avoid unnecessary troubles, do take a route more circulated.

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 Accommodation: although the ski area includes facilities for accommodation, they are not yet accessible for tourists, therefore, tourists must accommodate elsewhere.

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Accommodation options:

Groapa Seaca Cabin – is found at approximately 10 km from Vidra ski area. In full winter season, you will find it difficult to book a room, so we recommend booking in advance (telephone: 0744 136 555). The amenities here are equivalent to those of a 2 or 3-star guesthouse. It costs 100-150 RON/night.

Obarsia Lotrului Cabin – is found at approximately 5 km from Vidra ski area. Likewise, it is difficult to find a spare room, so you must book in advance (telephone: 0744 700 180). The amenities here are equivalent to those of a 1 or 2-star guesthouse. It costs 80 RON/night.

You can dine at both cabins. Both Groapa Seaca Cabin and Obarsia Lotrului Cabin are found near the road leading to Petrosani. The advantage is that the road from this area is not as jammed, compared to the road from Voineasa.

Voineasa Area – the resort is found at approximately 30 km from the Vidra ski area and it provides a wide range of guesthouses. Of course, the disadvantage is that the great distance you must cover each morning towards the ski trails. In full season, the road is jammed.

Accommodation and Reservation near Transalpina ski resort

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Parking lot: although the ski area provides with a multi-storey parking lot, in most cases it does not succeed in fulfilling the needs of the tourists. If you arrive at a later hour, you will undoubtedly not find parking place, only if you park on the side of the road.

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Skiing area – it has cutting-edge equipment and facilities. The gondola lift works on three platforms and has a capacity of 1600 persons/hour. The secondary ski trail is tooled up with chair lift. In the median area, where different trails intersect, there are two public restrooms and shops where you can purchase food and drinks.

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 From here you can arrive at the slope for the sledges, you can go upper with another instalation or with the gondola, farther. If you chose to go farther, you can descend on a fourth slope. The entire area has snow cannons.

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Slopes difficulty – at the moment, there are two options of a green difficulty level and a red trail with the option of a black trail.

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Winter equipment rental – in case you do not own ski equipment, at the lower part of the main trail you can rent everything you need. As connoisseurs of winter sports, we advise you to rent ski boots that fit best. Not using the appropriate equipment can lead to serious accidents.

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Advice on the trails:

If you are not an experienced skier, we recommend hiring a ski instructor to explain to you the ground rules of this sport. Although it entails an extra investment, it can aid to your long-term evolution as a skier.

If you are a beginner, do not venture on the high difficulty trails, especially if you have problems turning or stopping.

If you notice an injured person, call emergency number 112 and report the accident. Although there is a Mountain Rescue Team available on the trails, your call could attract their attention to the hurt person.

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 Skipass prices

1. Skipass Adult 1 day – 100 lei = good for all instalation going up the ski slope
2. Skipass Children ( from 7 to 14 years old) 1day – 60 lei  = good for all instalation going up the ski slope1.                                     3. Skipass Children (schoolboy and students )1 day – 90 lei = good for all instalation going up the ski slope

3. Skipass Adult after 13.30 o’clock – 60 lei = good for all instalation going up the ski slope
4. Skipass Children after 12.30 o’clock – 50 lei (childrens from 7 to 14 years old) = good for all instalation going up the ski slope

Single tickets:
5. Going up ticket with the telegondola adult: 20 RON
6. Going up ticket with the telegondola – children: 10 RON

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Trail Schedule: the trail is open every day from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m., except on Tuesday when it is closed. The last gondola lift ride takes off at 4.35 p.m.

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Coming or going to Petrosani direction you pass through Jietului gorge, national reservation wich it’s in the area of Petrila town, formed by Jiet river. You can see here steep slopes and beautifull lanscapes in summer and winter too.

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Nearby available ski areas: if you wish to explore other ski areas in Romania, near the Vidra ski area there are the Parang Resort (driving from Petrosani) and the Ranca Resort (driving from the high-altitude Transalpina; from Vidra to Novaci).

Moreover, if you are ski-touring lovers, this massif is perfect for such sport.

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We recommend: come back during the summer season; the main ridge of the Parang Mountains is truly impressive. Here, you can climb one of the highest-altitude peaks of over 2500 in Romania, the Parang Peak (2519 m).

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