Ski in Maramures – Cavnic and Suior ski resorts

Cavnic ski resort

The northern area of Romania, known as Maramures, offers the passionate skiers two beautiful and captivating skiable areas– Cavnic and Suior. Although not high in altitude, the shaded mountainsides make the skiing possible even at higher temperatures.

Black slope at Cavnic ski resort

CAVNIC SKI RESORT– is situated near the locality bearing the same name, at the foot of Gutai Mountains. The first documented mention of Cavnic town, a former mining locality, dates back to year 1336. Currently, it`s main source of income is the tourism, hence the numerous houses transformed into places offering accommodation in the proximity.

In 2002, by arranging Icoana and Roata ski slopes, Cavnic became the centre of attraction in Maramures and one of the top destinations for skiing in Romania. The total length of ski slopes in this resort reaches 8.5 km.

Ski lift at Roata 1 slope – Cavnic

Location: the two skiable areas in Cavnic (Icoana and Roata slopes) are located at a distance of 200m from one another, at the exit from Cavnic towards Sighetul Marmatiei.

The access to Cavnic skiable area: from Baia Mare (~30 km) > Baia Sprie on DN 18 > Cavnic Resort >at the exit from locality, on the right side.

Cavnic ski resort – ski in Maramures

Roata slopes: the 5 ski slopes are probably the most crowded ones in Maramures, due to their remarkable quality and to the extended diversity of difficulty.

The area includes the following slopes:

  • Roata 1 – intermediate difficulty level – length 920m – equipped with ski lift and illumination by night;

  • Roata 2 – low level of difficulty– length 1030m – equipped with ski lift and illumination by night;

  • Roata 3 (also known as Rainer) – high level of difficulty– length 800m – equipped with ski lift, no illumination by night;

  • Roata 4 (also known as Rainer 2) – high level of difficulty– length 1000m – no illumination by night;

  • Partia Albastra (the Blue Ski Slope) – intermediate difficulty level – length 2250m – equipped with ski lift, no illumination by night.

    In those seasons when the snow layer is very thin, Partia Albastra and Rainer 2 are closed and the other ones are provided with snow cannons. The ski slopes start at 950m altitude.

The foot hill of Cavnic slopes

Ski and snowboard School – very well organised, brings a lot of children on the slope. If we were to recommend an area for ski learning, Cavnic would definitely be the one. The Ski School provides even a lift-band, avoiding therefore the ski lift (a lot of beginners encounter problems when it comes to this device).

Prices: starting with 35 lei to 65 lei / session.

Cavnic ski resort – Roata 1 slope

Ski lift prices: depending on the time you wish to spend on the slope, you can purchase tickets including a certain number of lifts, tickets with a validity of 1 to 4 hours, cards with a validity of one day to more days.

The prices start with 15 lei (3 lifts) up to 520 lei for a 7-day ski pass.

Skipass cost – Cavnic ski resort

Ski lift operating hours: Mondays-closed; Tuesday to Sunday from 9am to 9pm.

Skiers at Cavnic ski resort

Parking spaces near Roata Slopes: the area is provided with a free parking space. You can also park on the side of the road, as the parking space is often full.

Parking place at Cavnic ski resort

If you visit Cavnic in summer, you can experience the only artificial ski slope in Romania. This slope is 21m wide/100m long and made of synthetic rubber. Currently, Cavnic slope is the 21st artificial ski slope worldwide.

Cavnic slopes - Maramures

Icoana ski slopes: some 200m far from Roata slopes, you can find Icoana slopes. Although the skiable area is relatively modest, with slopes smaller in length, they compensate through the snow quality. You can find here a beginner`s slope, equipped with baby lift, two snow-tubing routes and a sledge slope.

Ski instalation at Cavnic slope

The two slopes at Icoana skiable area measure:

  • the first has 700m in length – equipped with ski lift and illumination by night -intermediate difficulty level and

  • the second has a length of 750m – equipped with ski lift and illumination by night -intermediate difficulty level.

    The slopes start at 950m altitude and reach up to 1260m, having a 24% angle of inclination, which is a medium one.

    A positive aspect of these slopes is represented by the accommodation facilities starting at prices of 40 lei/night. It`s probably the most affordable accommodation in the area.

Roata 2 slope – Cavnic ski resort

Equipment rental: you can rent full equipment at the base of the slope for ~ 40-60 lei.

Accommodation and board: Most of the locals of Cavnic Resort offer accommodation.

The average accommodation price/room/2persons/night/ start at 100 lei and can reach 180 lei (at 3* hotels).

Accommodation and Reservation in Cavnic

You can try the restaurants at the base of the slope for a hot meal. Another delight is considered the stands with Romanian pies, honey or other traditional food from Maramures area.

At the ski lift – Cavnic ski resort

Problems encountered: in full season, the slope are crowded and may generate long ski lift queues.

Positive aspects: the good quality of the slopes and a well-organised schooling system.Ski in Maramures - Cavnic ski resort

SUIOR SKI RESORT: is situated at 25km from Cavnic ski resort and 18 km far from Baia Mare City, at the foot of Mogosa massif, under Gutin plateau.

Ski in Maramures - Suior ski resort

General information: the area includes 3.5km of slopes, starting at an altitude of 690m and reaching up to 970m. Mogosa slope is part of the same skiable complex. Unfortunately, this slope is not well maintained, although it owns a huge potential. It starts at 1246m altitude, beneath Mogosa peak, and descends to 550m.

Upper side of the slopes at Suior ski resort

Access: from Baia Mare (~18 km) > Baia Sprie on DN 18 > on the serpentines on the exit from locality pay attention to the indicator to Mogosa > Suior > from the indicator to Mogosa Resort you keep on the main road for 1.5 km.

Acces at Suior and Mogosa ski resorts

Equipment: Suior area is equipped with ski slift having a capacity of 1200 persons/hour.

Ski lift prices: The prices start with 10 lei /lift and reach 160 lei for a 1-day ski pass/person. The ski pass price/day also includes a hot meal (menu of the day), 50 ml of horinca (Romanian traditional drink) or 200ml of hot wine.

The tariffs in the week days are approximately 25% lower.

Ski lift operating hours: from 10am to 10pm.

Suior ski resort - winter resorts in Romania

Equipment rental: theequipment can be rented at the base of the slopes for ~ 60 lei.

Accommodation and board: in contrast to Cavnic, this area doesn`t offer much accommodation possibilities. You can find accommodation at the cabins near the slope (higher prices!) or at Mogosa cabin. You can also enjoy a nice stay in Baia Sprie, a former mining town. Here, the prices start at 120 lei/double room/ night.

Accommodation and Reservation near Suior

Descending at Suior slope

Problems encountered: relatively high costs for ski lift. In other resorts, with similar ski conditions, the ski pass is almost half the price/day. We do not recommend the slope for beginners because all the routes have areas with high inclination.

Pay attention when getting down of the ski lift!… although there are employees meant to help you get down, the system is not that user-friendly.

Ski lift at Suior ski resort

Positive aspects: the experienced skiers might find attractive the diversity of slopes and their relatively high inclination in certain areas.

Ski slope at Suior - Maramures

Advices: to avoid monotony, spend one day in each of the areas. Skiing at Suior outside the weekend means considerably lower costs

Skiing in Maramures - Suior ski resort

If you come in the area we recommend you to visit also the Mineralogy museum in Baia Mare.

Museum of Mineralogy - Baia Mare - Maramures

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