The Sinaia ski resort is probably one of the most famous ski area in Romania. This is due to the beautiful landscapes and also to the short distance from the Bucharest, Romania’s capital. Sinaia is both a touristic and a balneo – termal resort.

The Sinaia Resort, ski area being part of it, is also called Pearl of the Carpathians (Perla Carpaților). 

Famous ski area in Romania - Sinaia ski resort

The Sinaia ski resort is situated on the Prahova Valley, within Bucegi Mountains. Its slopes cover 22 km, taking place in several areas: Dorului Valley (Valea Dorului), Fir-tree Valley (Valea cu Brazi), Carp Valley (Valea lui Carp), Sun Valley (Valea Soarelui).

Outdoor trips in Romania - Sinaia Ski Resort

The ski resort starts from the altitude 860m to 2000m.

Given the fact that in the last years, the snow precipitations were few at the smallest altitude, the best ski area start from elevation 2000m and descends to Dorului Valley (Valea Dorului) – Sun Valley (Valea Soarelui).

Sinaia ski resort map - travel to Prahovei Valley

Historically, the Bucegi Mountains and Prahova Valley form the first touristic region of the country, is the cradle of the romanian tourism.

This is due to the very attractive sightseeing, and to the easy access roads and railways.

Ski in Bucegi Mountains - Prahovei Valley

Sinaia became a touristic attraction in 1875, once the Peleș Palace (Palatul Peleș), Pelisor Palace (Palatului Pelișor) and also the railway Ploiesti – Brasov construction started (1879). Later in 1922, mountain chalets were built in Bucegi mountains, therefore the mountain tourism was encouraged.

Sinaia Ski Resort Guide - Prahovei Valley - Bucegi Mountains

Access to Sinaia Resort is possible by car – DN1 (124km from Bucharest or 47km Brasov) or by train Bucharest – Brasov route.

Ski areas and resorts in Romania - Sinaia slopes

Useful information in order to ski at Ski Resort Sinaia – Prahova Valley (Valea Prahovei)

To get to the elevation 2000, the starting of the ski slopes, you must:

  • either take the cable car from the Sinaia Resort to elevation 1400m or get there by personal car. Pay attention that the road may not be snow clean all the time, therefore the access is stopped. 

Sinaia to elevation 1400m, Cable Car fee both ascent – descent is 25 lei. Access to Sinaia Resort - Prahova Valley - Bucegi Mountains

  • As an alternative to get to elevation 1400, you may take the gondola lift from elevation 1000m, after getting here by car first. The road to the gondola lift is flagged/signaled quite well, there are many indicators. Closer to the shipping station there is a big parking lot. If you have never been around you may easily mistake the gondola lift (from 1000m) markers to the cable car (from 1400m) markers.

        Gondola lift fee elevation, 1000m to 1400m, both ascent – descent is 34 lei.

Cable cars Sinaia - travel to Prahovei Valley - Romania

  •  from the elevation 1400m you go by cable car to the elevation 2000.  If you came by car you may leave it in a payed parking lot or on the road side.

The cable car from 1400m to 2000m ascent-descent costs 35lei.

Sinaia cable car - elevation 2000m - Prahova Valley

As you ascend from elevation 1400m by cable car a beautiful landscape will open wide containing Prahova Valley and Baiului Mountains. These are the mountains that are face to face with the Bucegi Mountains. From inside the cable car you may see also a part of the ski slopes that descend toward to Prahova Valley.

Romanian mountain resorts - Sinaia ski resort - Bucegi Mountains

You should try to come to ski during the week, not in week-end. Beside the fact that is more avantajos financial speeking, also the cable machines are not so crowdy.

Ski slopes in Prahova Valley - Sinaia ski resort

Sinaia cable car scheduleelevation 1400m (in winter) . 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (08:30 – 17:00).

Elevation level: 591m. Cable car capacity: 30 people. Technical revision is on monday from 8 am to 12 am (08:00 – 12:00).

Cable car schedule elevation 1400m – elevation 2000m: from half past 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (08:30 – 17:00). The elevation difference: 606m. The capacity: 40 people. Technical revision is done on Monday from 8 am to 12 am (08:00 – 12:00).

The last cable car going down from elevation 2000m, is at half past 3 pm (15:30).

Skiing in Romania - Sinaia ski resort - Travel guide Romania

Once you are at the elevation 2000m you may choose some ski alternatives given the snow condition at the moment. Unfortunately, seldom they are all open at the same time.

  1. Tarle Slope – advanced difficulty, 950 m long, cable car is provided
  2. Summer road Slope – medium difficulty, 1800 m long, chair lift is provided
  3. Scandurari Slope – medium difficulty, 505 m long
  4. Sun Slope Valley – medium difficulty, 1190 m long, chair lift is provided
  5. The slopes Dorului Valley The variant – medium difficulty, 895m long, chairlifts are provided +3a and 3b – 500m and 1000m trails.
  6. The slope Dorului Valley 2 – medium difficulty, 804m long, chairlift is provided.
  7. The slope Dorului Valley 1– medium difficutly, l75m long, chair lift is provided.
  8. Parrot Slope – advanced difficulty, 900 m long, cable car is provided
  9. Carp – advanced difficulty, 1382 m long, cable car is provided
  10. Beginners slope – easy difficulty, 173 m long, chair lift is provided
  11. New slope – medium difficulty, 2000 m long, cable car is provided
  12. Sun Valley 2 slope – easy difficulty, 1200 m long, chair lift is provided
  13. Laptici 1 Slope – easy difficulty, 1900 m long, chair lift is provided
  14. Laptici 2 Slope – medium difficulty, 900 m long, chair lift is provided
  15. Cable Car slope – easy difficulty, 150 m long, ski lift is provided
  16. Fir-tree Valley slope – medium difficulty, 400 m long, cable car is provided

Sinaia ski resort - Prahova Valley - travel to Romania

Sinaia ski Resort instalations cost: (season 2015 – 2016). Depending on the slopes you ski, the fees may vary. The is no single system managing all slopes.

Sinaia ski pass - 2015 - 2016Ski pass at Sinaia ski resort 2016

Positive aspects at Sinaia ski Resort:

  • the landscape is very beautiful, If you are lucky you may be able to see the see of clouds which generally forms above the Prahova Valley (Valea Prahovei).
  • diversity among slopes, If the snow level allows opening other slopes the ski offer is very large. The level of difference is large while descending. The slopes are accessible for both beginner and advanced skier.
  • the high altitude allows a longer ski season
  • easy/fast access from Bucharest – Brașov area. There is small distance to town.
  • beside the arranged slopes you can practice ski touring due to the easy access in the main ridge of the Bucegi mountains.

Ski slopes in Bucegi Mountains - Outdoor adventure in Romania

Negative aspects at Sinaia ski Resort:

  • the quality of the services is pretty low. The employees of the installations are less kind. The old chair lift from the Dorului Valley (the one that is mainly functional) is not comfortable. Pay attention when getting off the chairlift, the system is very uncomfortable.
  • the prices are very high. Comparing to other ski resorts (Sureanu Ski Resort, or Vidra Ski Resort), the costs are more expensive, but the ski conditions are similar.
  • the slope access (where you get down the chairlift) is very poorly marked. If you haven’t been there before, you could lose about 30 minute only orientating. There is no informational billboard, to tell you which slopes are open.
  • the road access from Sinaia resort to the Sinaia ski resort is poorly marked.
  • although the informational billboards says that there are many kilometers of slopes, some of them are not practicable and they haven’t been used for a long time.

Romania ski resort guide - Sinaia ski resort - travel to Romania

Rental equipment: when leaving the cable car from the elevation 2000m there is the possibility to rent ski equipment. From financial considerations there is preferable to rent the equipment from Sinaia, specially if you decide to spend the entire day on slopes.

Winter trips in Romania - Sinaia ski resort

Hosting and food: at the elevation 1400m, 2000m and at the base of the slopes from Dorului Valley or at the base of the slope from The Sun’s Valley (Valea Soarelui), you may find food providers. For sleeping from financial considerations there is preferable to stay in Sinaia. 

Kite schiing in Sinaia - Bucegi Mountains - Romania

If you encounter medical issues, we recommend to call the emergency number – 112. You will be redirected to the Salvamont dispatch. There is a Salvamont station near by the cable car building at the elevation 2000m.

The best Romanian Ski Resorts - Sinaia ski slopes

For those who do not ski is good to know that ascending by the cable car at 2000m is a must. You will enjoy the view from the cottage’s terrace from there.

In Sinaia are many cultural objectives worth visiting: Peles Castel (Castelul Peleș), Pelișor Castel (Castelul Pelișor), Sinaia Monastery.

Ski trips in Romania - Sinaia ski resort

For further information you may contact the touristic informational center Sinaia +40.244 315.656.

For accommodation and reservation in Sinaia please check the link bellow.

Accommodation and Reservation in Sinaia

Skiing holidays in Romania - Sinaia ski resort - Prahovei Valley

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