Peninsula Festival 2013

Date: 18-21st of July 2013.

Location: Garbaului Valley, Cluj Napoca, Romania

Website: here.


  • A day ticket is 70 RON (~18€) if bought before the 18th of July. A 4-day pass is 180 RON (~48 €), and with camping – 210 RON (~56 €).
  • A day ticket is 90 RON (~21 €) if bought on site. A 4-day pass is 210 RON (~56 €), and with camping – 240 RON (~64 €).

Brief Info: the Peninsula Festival prides itself on being the greatest musical festival in Romania. The arching genres of dubstep, trance and techno are sure to bring the best of the Peninsula experience.

Schedule: Line-up:

18th of July, starts at 10:00 (10 am):

Kaiser Chiefs (UK), Paul Kalkbrenner (DE), Alborosie (JAM/IT), Utah Jazz & Stamina MC (UK), Şuie Paparude, Viţa de Vie, Anima Sound System (HU), Lemon Bucket Orkestra (CAN), Luna Amară, Acapella WindSingers (HU), Magda Puskas & friends, Mushroom Story, Theory Of Mind, Sky Swallows Challenger, Satelittes, Natif, Mojo Barrel, Blood Print, Rubik’s Cube

19th of July:

Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra (SRB), DragonForce (UK), Benga (UK), Camo&Krooked (A) feat. MC Youthstar (UK/FR), The Sweet Life Society (IT), Lemon Bucket Orkestra (CAN), Kistehen (HU), Altar, Sterbinszky (HU), The Amsterdams, Zadar, Traff!c, Baba Dochia, Kaleidonescu, Lights Out, Persona, Pistol Cu Capse, Quantum Drive, Astero, SoNaked, The Kryptonite Sparks

20th of July:

Ska-P (ESP), Modestep live (UK), UMEK (SLO), Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg (US), N.O.H.A. (CZ, DE, US), Kumm, Coma,  Julian (HU), Niste Baieti, Zadar, Traff!c, Hot Club de Cluj, Diamonds Are Forever, White Walls, GoodBye To Gravity, Roadkill Soda, Breathelast, Scars Of A Story, Rock `n Ghena, Divided By Perception

21st of July, ends at midnight:

Aly & Fila (EG), RotFront (DE), Intim Torna Illegál (HU), Ocho Macho (HU), Grimus, Ska-nk, Snatt&Vix, Rehab Nation, Relative, Dirty Shirt, Ultimu’ Nivel, Methadone Skies, Nomega, .ROM, Vlad Rusu.

Peninsula Festival 2013

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