Omu Peak is the highest peak from Bucegi Mountains and the eleventh peak as height in Romanian.Mountain guide trip in Bucegi mountains

The Bucegi Mountains are situated in the Natural Park with the same name. It looks like an alpine quadrilateral with dimensions of 20 km length, 15 km width and an area of about 300 square km.

Hiking trip to Bucegi mountains

On the Omu Peak there is a narrow platform which shelters in the center a huge monolithic block of stone, about 10m height. On its shelter, the Omu House was built, the old chalet from our mountains. The chalet is also situated on the highest altitude in Romania.

Omu peak - highest peak in Bucegi mountains

To arrive on the Omu Peak, there are a lot of variety of trails. We propose you the folowing route:

Predeal – Diham chalet – the Mălăiești Meadow – Mălăiești chalet – Omu Peak – downhill through the Deer’s Valley.

  • Route length: 20,37 km;
  • Level of difference: +1782 km:
  • Trip duration: 9’45’’  hours.

Weekend trip in Bucegi mountains

Equipment needed: mountain boots, windproof and waterproof jacket and pants. We recommend you to take trekking poles, it will be useful both uphill and downhill.

It’s mandatory to bring with you food, sweets and water. The only places where you can refill your water are at: the Diham Chalet, the Mălăiești Chalet (if you buy), the Omu Chalet (at the shop) or in the Deer Valley.  

It will be useful to have with you also spray against the bears. In the Bucegi Mountains this kind of meetings are not unusual.

Malaiesti valley - Bucegi mountains

guided trips in Bucegi mountains

Certified mountain guide - Bucegi mountains

The route starts close to the Belvedere shelter which is placed on the Predeal- Râșnov route. In the direction of your walk (climbing towards the Cold River), you will have on the left side a forest road but also a red point travel mark.

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You can reach to this forest road on the travel mark from Predeal.

We advise you to come with the car because you save time, taking in consideration that the proposed route is quite long. Pay attention where you leave the car (and also what you leave in the car), because there are bears which prowl.

We move on the forest road for about 1 km till we get to an intersection. The mark leads you to the right, to a road you can not go with the car any further. Our trek is crossing several streams but we keep the same curve level. We don’t get too much on altitude.

Bucegi mountains

In Frăsinetului meadow we meet the yellow cross mark which is poorly visible. Till you get to the Diham chalet the best is to guide yourself after the red circle mark. At the Diham Chalet (altitude 1320m) you can take a brake.

We have come up until here 3,5 km and 225 m positive level difference.

trails in Bucegi mountains

Diham chalet - Bucegi mountains

From Diham Chalet to Mălăiești Chalet we follow a touristic path, with blue cross mark. In the summer time, between these two locations, we make 2’45’’ hours.

We descend a lot (about 300 m level of difference) till we get to Glăjeriei Valley. Intersecting the Glăjeriei Valley, you can see the forest road and after that, the path continues the mark.

From here we start to climb on the Mălăiești Valley.

Trails in Bucegi mountains

Hiking trips in Bucegi mountains

From this area to the Omu peak the climbing is continuous and uninterrupted.

We intersect the blue tape mark, which comes from Râșnov. This one will be the representing mark from the Mălăiești meadow (stream) to the Mălăiești Chalet. From here we can see the rock slopes upstream the Mălăiești Valley. Trekking to Omu peak

Slowly we reach to the forest edge and after that to the chalet. The building is situated on a morena of the Mălăeşti Valley, at the shelter of the jagged ridge Padina Cross. This ridge separates the Mălăiești Valley from the Ţigăneşti glacial Valley.

Malaiesti hut - Bucegi mountains

For a better understanding of the landscape, it is important to know some information about the geology of the area.

The north part of the Bucegi Massif was affected during the Quaternary glaciers. They were situated around the Omu Peak, from where the radial descended forming tongues of ice.

The proof of this strong action of ice it hollows from whom pull up the rivers Ialomita,  Ladies valley, Sugari valley, Morar valley, Deer valley, Mălăeşti, Ţigăneşti and also Gaura valley (The Whole).  All mentioned valleys have the form of “U letter” and numerous rapids and moraines.

Bucegi Natural Park - Romania

Once we arrived to Mălăiești Chalet, it’s worth doing a tea break. You can buy tea from the chalet sustaining in this way one of the most beautiful mountain chalet from the Carpathians.

Pay attention to the quantity of the water which you take with you. Until the Omu Chalet you don’t have any other source of water. At Omu you can buy tea or water.

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The marked road (blue tape) from the Mălăeşti chalet to Omu, successively traverses glacial thresholds, results from the under digging action of the glacier.

We climb the first glacial threshold and from this level we can be see better the rocks wall greatness that we are surrounded with.

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The adjacent ridges of this glacial buckets are: Bucşoiu, The Mălăeştilor Tour and The Chimneys. From the main path, it comes the road which goes to The Goats Belt (The blue triangle mark). It is a route with a hardest level of difficulty and is closed in the wintertime.

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Our route, the blue strip mark, is not very difficult. There are no areas where you must climb. It is accessible to all the tourist who have a good physical condition. A positive aspect of this route is that there aren’t many tourists and the landscape is extraordinary.

Travel to Romania - Bucegi mountains

If you don’t make too much noise, you have all the chances to see here the black goats (rupicapra rupicapra).

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During the summer, the route between those two locations (Omu-Mălăiești) is taking 3 hours.

The road on the Mălăeşti valley offers a beautiful perspective of the Postăvaru Mountain, the Bârsa plain and the Codlea Hillock.

Beautiful places in Romania - Bucegi mountains

Once we arrived to the head of the Mălăiești valley, the path bifurcates in the path which climbs through the Mălăiești chimney and the path which climbs through the Mălăiești valley, till it arrives in the main ridge. The version through the Mălăiești chimney is laborious.

The Mălăiești chimney has verticals formed by huge blocks of rock and also a lot of scree. Because of this, in the summer there is a high risk of stone injury. During the winter the Mălăiești valley path is closed because of the avalanches. The climbing through the Mălăiești chimney is the only safe path in the wintertime to get to the Omu Peak.

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The climbing gets to the end when we arrive in the main ridge in the saddle between the Scara Peak and the Omu peak.

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From here you can see the building from the Omu Peak. Also we can see the Bucșoiu peak and the Azuga and Predeal resorts.

Active trekking tour to Omu peak in Bucegi Mountains - Romania

Prahova valley - Bucegi mountains

Arrived on the Omu peak, at the altitude of 2505m, we can rest and admire the beautiful landscape. We notice the Coștila Peak, with the weather station and also the Deer valley, through which we will descend.  

Caraiman peak - Bucegi mountains

Don’t stay to long on the peak, because the downhill is pretty long and it takes about 3 hours.

Hiking to Omu peak - Bucegi mountains - Romania

The touristic mark which we must follow on the Deer valley is the yellow tape.

All the downhill from the Omu Chalet is steep. The steep rock walls borders here the valley also. The Moraru Massif constitutes the left slope of the Deer valley, and the Coștila Massif the right slope.

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After you reach the forest, you have to walk for about 3 km and a negative level difference of 300 m till you get in the main road from the Deer valley which goes towards to the Gura Diham Chalet. 

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